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I believe in developing long-standing friendships with those who give me the honor of marking their skin. Making the experience as personal as possible, it isn’t uncommon for sessions to become theraputic, and go deeper than just simply getting a tattoo. As we explore pain thresholds, you might find yourself letting go of some of the weights that we all carry around from day to day. Tattooing is unlike any other experience, and I will do my very best to make you as comfortable as absolutely possible, inside and out. Connect with me. Your secrets are safe.

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What my clients have to say:

Ben is my absolute go to for getting tattooed. I have been to other artists before finding him and there is simply no comparison. He has always listened to whatever ridiculous ideas I have, and then made them into the most beautiful artwork. He has done both my sleeves (one over 8 years ago), among random others, and I love them all.

He’s simply the bees frickin’ knees!

Abby Sanker

BC has been tattooing me for the past 4 years, he’s done 5/6 of my pieces and each one has been a masterpiece! Not only is the work amazing, but he provides a great atmosphere and always makes sure I’m happy and comfortable. He’s easy to talk to and makes the experience THAT MUCH BETTER, just by being him and doing what he so clearly loves! So glad I found him!! Stay dope, BC!

Brooke Boyer

Ben is one of the most chill and knowledgeable tattoo artists in the columbus, area. He’s great at taking that picture of a tattoo you have in your head and making it a reality but with a design and quality that will last forever. His slow and steady pace allows the tattoo to heal properly and create a piece that will last a lifetime. Definitely recommend.

John Bodenschatz

Hands down, one of my most favorite people on the planet. 3 tattoos and then a half sleeve, and I gained a friend! I take care of hospitalized people for work, and at least once a day I get complimented on how beautiful, colorful, and unique my artwork is. They’re usually very sick and scared, when they see my tattoos and light up with appreciation, I become a person to them. We talk about the inspiration behind them and I become relatable, offering just enough of a distraction, making them a little less scared. They always ask who did them, and I proudly say “Ben Chambers”. You took the ideas in my head and made badass artwork. My mom even likes them!
Thanks for the amazing stuff you create and person you are! ❤️

Amanda Ward

I’ve had three tattoos done by Ben, in fact he’s the only artist I’ve had tattoo me. I appreciate the fact that he takes the time to listen to what you want and adds his own flair to the design and they end up better than you could have imagined. Ben is a master of the black and gray tattoo with some color added. He is one of the nicest guys around and will make your tattoo experience unforgettable. I will definitely go back to Ben for my future tattoos.

Jim Fuchik

Ben is a lifesaver! He helped fix a tattoo I had gotten done by a previous artist. It’s been holding up so much better than before. What I appreciate the most from his work is how he tattoos makes for great healing, and it didn’t hurt nearly as much as I’ve experienced before! Not only is he a great tattoo artist but he’s a good person! Keeps it real and straight up! I highly recommend this artist!

Lauren Zajden

I had a piece done by Ben in 3 separate sessions and after each one I was more and more excited to keep getting tattooed by him. I came to him with a concept and he carefully explained how some parts would look great as a tattoo and how some parts would need changed slightly as they would not age well, which I greatly appreciated. He really looks out for his clients and cares. The finished piece is beautiful. It is everything I hoped for and more, I feel so confident wearing his art I would have no other reason to go to a different tattoo artist. He gave me very detailed information about aftercare and the healing process. Overall amazing experience, I can’t wait to get my next one!

Blake Vankirk

Getting a tattoo from Ben was a great experience. I am new to the world of tattoos, and all I had was a nervous idea of what wanted my tattoo to be about; not really much of an idea of what it should actually look like. Within the first thirty seconds of explaining my concept, Ben excitedly told me he already had an idea in his head… and that it would be badass. Watching what was in his head come to life on my arm over the next few months was awesome. And talking about life, music, art, etc. during those many hours was like bonus therapy included with the tattoo.

Jon Best

My first experience getting tattooed by Ben was at the age of 18. Over the past 6 years I’ve gone back to him for all of my tattoos because his work is impeccable along with his creativity. He’s so good at making you feel comfortable no matter how much pain you might be experiencing at the time. I love every single piece of his art and am beyond proud to have on my body. Thanks Ben, much appreciated for all of your art!

Kaitlyn Smith

I got my first tattoo with Ben based on a referral from a friend. Ben made the experience about as easy and relaxing as it could get. I love his work and have been back for 3 more tattoos.

Thanks man!

Robert T. Osgood

I have now gotten 2 tattoos (spine and thigh) with Ben and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to get a tattoo in Columbus and I would definitely to a first-timer. He is very professional so I felt comfortable and confident that I would end up with exactly what I wanted.He is a super easy person to talk to and gave great feedback on exact positioning of my thigh piece so that it would look most natural with the muscle structure of my leg. He was also so flexible with scheduling. Very pleased and likely to keep going back!

Calley Kaluzny

The first time I met Ben, he was straight forward with me. The idea I had for my tattoo was simply not gonna work where I wanted it and he told me that. He took the time to explain why it wouldn’t work and that put me at ease. He then listened to why I wanted my tattoo and came up with a design that was more beautiful than I could fathom.

He then explained how long my tattoo would take, how many sessions and his price. Fully transparent in the fact it may take a few sessions bc of the size and location. We got started and I knew immediately I picked the best artist.

Ben was meticulous in every aspect of my tattoo. His line work is smooth and even, he isn’t heavy handed, and his shadowing and coloring were perfect.

After my sessions were complete, I was beyond happy with my tattoo. I loved the color, the placement and the design. It included what was important to me with a beautiful artistic flair. I get compliments on it all the time and I never hesitate to tell people about Ben. I encourage everyone who wants a tattoo that is beautiful down to every detail, to go to him.

Stephanie Ann

I have had a few sessions now with Ben to cover my neck and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. Really clean, large space, great location, amazing artist!!! Definitely coming back!!!

Deleon Lateef

I have gotten 3 tattoos from Ben, and each time he was able to make my vision come to life even when it seemed like some of the pieces didn’t quite fit together. Working with him, you can really tell how much he appreciates his craft and cares about building relationships with his customers, to keep them coming back. No matter where he goes, he’s the one I will always look too to get me inked.

Kenyatta Smith

For me getting a tattoo is a very big deal, and not just because it stays on your body forever. The thought process behind the design, relationship with your artist, the experience as a whole, and actually getting tattooed.

What I love about Ben is his honesty, I came in with a shitty idea and he pretty much told me it was shitty. That is so refreshing, because most people are just out to make a buck and they will put your shitty idea on your body without hesitation. Tattoo artists know a whole lot better than most people what is a good tattoo and what isn’t, since you know this is what they are doing for a living. After hashing out some ideas we came to a thoughtful conclusion and his design was better than I could imagine.

I didn’t go into getting tattooed thinking that I would become friends with my artist, but that is what happened. If you are looking for someone who can talk about some crazy deep shit, or talk about just regular day to day stuff, or not say anything at all, then I think Ben fits all those. Ben is a great guy and I am grateful for the relationship that we have and all because of getting tattooed.

The overall experience is extremely important to Ben, and it shows when you work with him. He tries to make you comfortable, he communicates clearly and concisely, he is considerate, and most importantly he is honest. From start to after care he takes time with his customers and after you are tattooed he checks in on you.

Actually getting tattooed by Ben is great not only because he is light handed, but if you enjoy deep conversation, he has some crazy things to talk about and I absolutely love that. Also his artwork is amazing. Super clean line work, bright bold color choices, and amazing shading. His designs come from the heart and you can see that when he puts the ink on your body.

In conclusion, you can’t go wrong in choosing Ben as your artist if you are looking for honesty and a great overall experience, and his tattoos are badass! Who knows you might get a new friend out of the whole experience.

Justin Walker

Whether it be a small tattoo, or a large scale, multiple session piece, I’m interested. I’m always looking to expand my clientele!

From soft black and grey, to bright, bold color, and anything in between.
I do cover ups, as well as rework existing tattoos to bring them back to life.

I focus on clean line work, as well as smooth shading and color blending. I love all forms of tattooing, but don’t be fooled..I will not take your money to do tattoos that I know will not hold up. I would rather tell you no, than steal your money. I might not always tell you what you want to hear, but I will always be honest, and have your best interest at heart.

Get in touch. Please email me at BenChambersTattoos@gmail.com or use the form below!

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